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Maggie Sherrill

Co-Founder and CEO


Phone: 724.630.3833

Why we do what we do!

Glenn Sherrill

Co-Founder and President

What started as pipe dreams of the perfect job, quickly evolved into reality due to the downsizing of corporate America.  With over 30 years of combined marketing experience, we made the decision to start our own company offering our expertise with marketing solutions.

When thinking about our desired clientele, it was hard to ignore that we had a passion for patronizing small businesses and those in our community.  After talking with many, we realized that there was a desperate need for our services.  Quite simply most business owners were so busy with the day to day running of their business that their marketing plans fell by the wayside. Their frustration was palpable--- they were successful at running their business but there was little time left over to GROW their business. From there Empower 365 was born. 

Although we have a soft spot for small businesses and those with an entrepreneurial spirit, our experience lends very well to businesses of all sizes.  From the independent contractor and the "Mom and Pop" organizations to the larger organizations in need of more in depth services, we have solutions that are not only practical, they are strategically executed to meet the marketing goals. We consider it an honor and privilege to be able to EMPOWER our clients to take their businesses beyond their dreams!